John Richter was born in London in 1940, studied at Cambridge and Chelsea Schools of Art, and has exhibited in the UK, Europe and the USA.

Written by John Richter 2020

I’m a professional artist, painting mostly in oils with three basic themes:

1. Boats, Harbour, Sea and Sky. These relate to Wells-next-the-Sea, a small harbour town on the North Norfolk Coast where I live and work. London, by extension, Boats, Bridges, River and Sky.

2. Flowers. Between the cottage and studio. I walk through fields and along a sea bank. These are the wild flowers seen along the way.

3. People. Groups of people abstracted from numerous sources – markets, bus stops, shoppers.

Etcetera – I also work in water-colour, illustrate books, make wood engravings.


Wells-next-the-Sea is a small harbour town on the North Norfolk coast. It has been the source of my inspiration. The forms have become abstracted but the message remains. How could I represent the flowing tides and the boats heading out, past the marshes and dunes, into the open sea? The little sailboat is a metaphor for the soul leaving the protection of the land for the experiences of life; its dangers, excitement and opportunities. 

LONDON is portrayed through a similar vision – water, boats, bridges & sky.

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Walking from my cottage, across a couple of fields and a length of seabank arriving at the studio and gathering a few flowers along the way. This led to painting them; in a direct objective way, sharing their natural beauty. The summer flowers are gorgeous but so are the dried winter seeds & pods.


Groups of people from travelling and many sources – such as markets, bus stops, shoppers…


A lifetime of painting and so much more – water-colours, prints from lino-cuts & wood engraving, and illustrations for books.